SonicWALL Anti-Spam Desktop

SonicWALL Anti-Spam Desktop 6.3

Client-based anti-spam and anti-phishing that just works
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SonicWall Anti-Spam Desktop is an Outlook plug-in that provides anti-spam and anti-phishing functionality at the client level. It provides the highest level of protection from both inbound and outbound email threats by using a unique email attack monitoring system. With a combination of user input, challenge responses, and content filtering, SonicWall Anti-Spam Desktop does a good job of keeping Outlook inboxes clear of spam. SonicWall Anti-Spam Desktop is supported by Windows 2000 with Outlook Express 6.0, Outlook 2002 or 2003 and Windows XP with Outlook Express 6.0 or Outlook 2003 or 2007, or Windows Vista with Outlook 2003 or 2007. It really is an Outlook or Outlook Express solution only. There are Allow and Block lists and other user configured settings and important components of customization which increase the accuracy of anti-spam assessments. In addition, SonicWall is using its anti-spam experience in processing millions of messages a day into the filtering of email (through its Network Grid) for SonicWall Anti-Spam Desktop. This software has a lot of features: multiple inbox support – it can scan one or more different inboxes; scan folder options – you can re-scan inbox or any other folder by selecting the folder and using the Scan Selected Folder option; automatic re-scanning – this option removes any new discovered spam from your inbox; wireless device support – e-mail received and forwarded to your wireless device can have spam and phishing e-mail removed before it is sent out. So, SonicWall Anti-Spam Desktop works. If you are using Outlook or Outlook Express and spam is an issue for you, SonicWall Anti-Spam Desktop should be a consideration. A 30-days trial version is available on the developer's site.

Julia Galygo
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  • Quick configuration
  • Compliance tools
  • Wide range of features
  • Easy auditing of any e-mail
  • Detailed reporting
  • Small size


  • For Outlook only
  • Not free
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